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   Abortion Clinics - Abortion Pills in Empangeni 

Abortion Clinics in Empangeni

Ladies Choice Clinic in Empangeni offers tested and approved Safe "abortion pills" at affordable discount prices.

We also provide same-day in-clinic safe abortion options.

A medical abortion option is a non-surgical abortion option in which two medicines are used to bring about abortion. An oral preparation for "medical abortion option" is commonly referred to as an "abortion pill"

"Medical abortion" ​is recommended for use  (20 weeks) after the first day of your last period.

Ladies Choice Clinic we are committed to assisting women by providing quick, safe, affordable, and legal abortion services in a private, pleasant, and confidential environment. Safety and privacy is our major concern. 
We assist everyone regardless of race, nationality, or background. Your privacy is guaranteed.

​Our services are on the same day to avoid delays and wastage of time.

Where to find us

Operating hours

Mon _  Sat  

8 am _ 6 p 

Sun. and Public holiday 

9 am _ 4 pm 

Where to find us

33 Maxwell st Empageni

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