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How To Terminate A Pregnancy

How to use medication

The abortion pill process has several steps and includes two different medicines.

  • First, you take the abortion pill that stops the pregnancy from growing.
    Some people feel nauseous or start bleeding after taking this tablet, but it’s not common. 

Your doctor or nurse may also give you antibiotics to take to prevent infection.

  • The second medicine causes cramping and bleeding to empty your uterus. For most people, the cramping and bleeding usually start 1-4 hours after taking abortion pills.

It’s normal to see large blood clots (up to the size of a lemon) or clumps of tissue when this is happening.

It’s kind of like having a really heavy, campy period, and the process is very similar to an early miscarriage.
If you don’t have any bleeding within 24 hours after taking the second medicine then call Annas Abortion Clinic for further assistance.

Bleeding & Cramping

The cramping and bleeding can last for several hours.
Most people finish passing out the pregnancy tissue in 4-5 hours, but it may take longer.

The cramping and bleeding slow down after the pregnancy tissue comes out.

You may have cramping on and off for 1 or 2 more days.
You can take pain medicine like ibuprofen about 30 minutes before you take the second medicine, to help with cramps. You can also take anti-nausea medicine.

Don’t take aspirin, because it can make you bleed more.

It’s normal to have some bleeding and spotting for several weeks after your abortion.

You can use pads, tampons, or a menstrual cup —  whatever is most comfortable for you.

The last step is a follow-up.

You may come back for an ultrasound or blood test. Or you’ll get a pregnancy test to take at home, followed by a phone call to check on you.

These tests will make sure the abortion worked and that you’re in good health.

In the unlikely case that the abortion doesn't work and you're still pregnant, kindly come back to us and we discuss options with you.

You may need another dose of medication or to have an in-clinic procedure to complete the abortion at our clinic.