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How to use abortion pills?

How To Use Abortion Pills?

A medical abortion involves taking medication to end the pregnancy.

It doesn't require surgery or an anesthetic, and can be used at any stage of pregnancy.

It involves the following steps:

  • First, you take a medicine that stops the hormone that allows the pregnancy to continue working; you'll be able to go home afterward and continue your normal activities.
  • Usually 24 to 48 hours later, you take a second medicine – this will either be a tablet that you may swallow, let dissolve under your tongue or between your cheek and gum, or insert it into your vagina.

Within four to six hours, the lining of the womb breaks down, causing bleeding and loss of the pregnancy – you may stay at the clinic while this happens.

How Does The Abortion Pill Work?

The abortion pill causes cramping and bleeding that can last several hours or more. You can be at home, or wherever is comfortable for you.

​After an abortion

​After an abortion

If you have a medical abortion, you may experience short-lived side effects from the medications, such as nausea and diarrhea.

General anesthetic and conscious sedation medication can also have side effects.

For all types of abortion, it's likely you will experience some stomach cramps and vaginal bleeding, too.

These usually last a week or two. Sometimes light vaginal bleeding after a medical abortion can last up to a month.